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Iconic quotes about Art and Creativity

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Oxby told to use a font for my signature. so people can find my art more easily… do you think it will work?


I forgot to upload this here.

Ok  so… Update I’m back in Colombia.

Hopefully soon I’ll be back somewhere else.

This are some friends that I left there. Hope you like them. They all have beautifull faces and minds. 

It feels weird to be back home, hating everything. But well…  Let’s see if I can make it trhough the heat. 


BOOK - Orchard Beach: The Bronx Rivera, 2013.
Wayne Lawrence

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We go forward.

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On Thor being a woman...



It’s funny. Intellectually, I understood that Thor being a woman was no big deal. But, it wasn’t until I saw the smile on my daughter’s face while wearing the toy Thor helmet that I GOT it. So, good on you Marvel. My little girl might be too small to get it. But other…

Curse of the Golden Flower (2006)

          → Empress Phoenix’s Wardrobe

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